Using Twitter to track NHS Reform

Tom Meek

With the UK’s Health Secretary Andrew Lansley responding to worries and concerns over the Health and Social Care Bill, which outlines potential large-scale reforms to the NHS in England, by announcing a ‘listening exercise’, it’s worthwhile for anyone interested to do some listening themselves.

Keeping up to date and informed is a hard challenge though, with a spectrum of divergent, often impassioned, opinion (both informed and not quite so informed) to get through from every media outlet going.

One of the best ways to filter this noise so only the most dependable information gets through is by using Twitter to pick out a select few of the more reliable commentators to follow whose shared links and words should prove helpful in keeping track of what’s going on in UK healthcare.

We’ve compiled our own NHS reforms Twitter list of some of the more influential and informative Tweeters about the reforms who should be helpful in imparting the necessary updates and opinions about what to read, listen to and be made aware of.

The list takes some of the more obvious accounts, such as the Department of Health (@DHGovUK) and the more mainstream news accounts as @BBCHealth and the Guardian’s @GdnHealthcare.

More specialist news sites such as Pulse (@pulsetoday); GP (@gponlinenews) and the British Medical Journal (@bmj_latest) are also featured, as well as key bodies and organisations in the debate such as the British Medical Association (@theBMA) and the Royal College of Nursing (@theRCN).

Some of the more consistent and influential independents and bloggers are also featured too, including Andy Cowper (@HPIAndyCowper); Paul Corrigan (@paul_corrigan); and Ben Goldacre (@BenGoldacre).

Keep track of the NHS reforms by following the list from your own Twitter account, or see the most recent posts in the Twitter widget at the bottom of this page. If you have any suggestions of accounts to add, please comment below.

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